NPCC’s governance is designed to assure fair stakeholder representation and independence in all activities. NPCC is governed by a hybrid Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

NPCC’s Board of Directors consists of consist of fourteen (14) Stakeholder Directors, two (2) Independent Directors, an independent Board Chair and the President and CEO. There are two (2) Stakeholder Directors from each of the following Sectors:

  1. Transmission Owners
  2. Reliability Coordinators
  3. TDUs, Dist. and LSE
  4. Generator Owners
  5. Marketers, Brokers and Aggregators
  6. State and Provincial Regulatory and/or Governmental Authorities
  7. Sub-Regional Reliability Councils, Customers, Other Regional Entities and Interested Entities

The Board is responsible for managing NPCC's affairs according to NPCC’s Bylaws and the Delegation Agreement between NPCC and NERC.

Further detailed information regarding the Board composition, eligibility, voting, and additional duties may be found in the NPCC Bylaws.

Board Committees are
  • Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Management Development and Compensation Committee
  • Pension Committee

Additional NPCC Committees are
  • Compliance Committee
  • Public Information Committee
  • Regional Standards Committee
  • Reliability Coordinating Committee​

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