The mission of NPCC is to comprehensively monitor and enforce compliance with NERC and NPCC Regional Reliability Standards among all users, owners, and operators of the Bulk Electric System in the NPCC Region. NPCC's Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program will be conducted with integrity, consistency, confidentiality, independence, and impartiality.  The degree of CMEP activity in the Canadian Provinces is governed by the regulatory structure in each province and/or agreements with the relevant provincial authority. Additional information is available on the Canadian Compliance tab.

During the implementation period (7/1/14 through 7/1/16) stipulated for the FERC approved Bulk Electric System (BES) definition, NPCC will monitor BES Notification and Exception Tool (BESnet) entries and coordinate any needed registration, certification, and certification review activity. Contact NPCC at for any questions on the use of BESnet.