Compliance - Entity Risk Assessment

In January 2015, the NPCC Entity Risk Assessment (ERA) Group was formed within the NPCC Compliance Department to support the NERC risk based Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program that was developed through the  Reliability Assurance Initiative (RAI). The ERA Group is tasked with implementing the NERC Risk Based Oversight Plan Framework, which includes conducting an Inherent Risk Assessment (IRA) for all Registered Entities and an Internal Controls Evaluation (ICE) for Registered Entities that agree to have an ICE performed.

 The ERA Group will develop procedures, forms, templates, and necessary tools to conduct and document the IRA and the ICE. The scope, monitoring method and periodicity of compliance monitoring for each entity will be determined based on these tools and documentation.
Documents related to Entity Risk Assessment will be posted here, including the ERA Process Document, sample IRA and ICE templates (when finalized), Frequently Asked Questions, NPCC ERA news – e.g. status of IRA and ICE implementation, proposed schedules and activities, noteworthy articles, guidance and bulletins.