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On April 1, 2015, NPCC Directory# 3 “Maintenance Criteria for Bulk Power System Protection” was retired upon the effective date of  PRC-005-2 Protection System Maintenance which is subject to a 12 year implementation period.

However, the legacy standard of PRC-005-1.1b Transmission and Generation Protection System Maintenance and Testing will remain active throughout the phased in implementation period of PRC-005-2.

Accordingly, an NPCC registered entity may continue to use the maintenance intervals in Tables 1, 2, and 3 of NPCC Directory# 3 after April 1, 2015 as the basis for demonstrating compliance with PRC-005-1.1b until such time that the registered entity’s Protection System component maintenance activities are fully transitioned to PRC-005-2.

NPCC Directory# 3 will remain publicly posted on the NPCC website with a “retired” watermark during the duration of the transition from PRC-005-1b to PRC-005-2.





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