ERO Enterprise Opts to Extend On-Site Activity Deferral

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ERO Enterprise Opts to Extend On-Site Activity Deferral

Please see the NERC website for further information.

As first announced on March 18, the ERO Enterprise has postponed on-site audits and other on-site activities during this unprecedented health crisis. The ERO Enterprise has extended this date through September 7, 2020, to allow registered entities to continue to focus their resources on keeping their workforces safe and the lights on.

The ERO Enterprise recognizes that there are significant uncertainties regarding the duration of the outbreak and the subsequent recovery and will continue to evaluate the circumstances to determine when on-site activities may resume safely or whether additional regulatory relief is necessary. In the interim, the Regional Entities are actively involved in remote oversight activities and are experimenting with innovative approaches to work with registered entities during this pandemic to continue assuring the reliability and security of the bulk power system.


Posted On: 04/24/2020​

Posted On: 04/24/2020​




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