Events Analysis

The NERC has established an enhanced, industry wide Event Analysis program based on the recognition that many events which occur on the bulk power system beyond the reporting requirements in place today can have varying levels of significance to the electric system, providing otherwise unrealized lessons to be learned from these events and providing the opportunity for the trending of such events to identify possible reliability concerns.  By integrating a “bottom-up” approach to a disturbance review within the framework of the NERC Event Analysis Program, consistency, comparability, flexibility and timeliness in the event analysis process will be promoted by NPCC, the registered entities and NERC in a collaborative initiative.
Upon the identification of an event, the goal of the Event Analysis Program is to:
     -      identify what transpired; 
     -      establish the sequence of events; 
     -      understand the essential root causes of the event; 
     -      identify recommendations or corrective actions; develop, and
         disseminate to the industry, lessons to be learned so that the 
         operational reliability of the bulk power system can be further
The adoption by NERC of the Event Analysis Program in its Rules of Procedure brings clarity and certainty about what system events are relevant to analyze and to what level of detail, targeting potential vulnerabilities to the reliability of the bulk power system for detailed and in depth analysis.
NPCC Staff works step-by-step with the registered entity in the total event analysis process, permitting the entity to assume the primary role in the initial analysis as well as the development of lessons learned which may benefit the industry.
If you want to securely send NPCC Events Analysis a document, email a request for those instructions.

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