System operations at NPCC promotes, and provides a forum for, the active coordination of reliability and operation among the NPCC Reliability Coordinator areas and NERC Regions to enhance the reliability of the interconnected bulk power system.  The NPCC Task Force on Coordination of Operation (TFCO) has the ongoing charge to oversee and assess the performance of operations within NPCC and coordinate the development and application of Regional specific operating directories and operating procedures affecting the reliability and operability of the interconnected power systems. The TFCO directs its technical activities through the following seven standing Working Groups:
  • NPCC Working Group on Control Performance (Working Group CO-01)
  • NPCC System Operator Training Working Group (Working Group CO-02)
  • NPCC Operational Review, Coordination and Assessment Working Group (Working Group CO-07)
  • NPCC System Operations Managers Working Group (Working Group CO-08)
  • NPCC System Operational Tools Working Group (Working Group CO-10)
  • NPCC Restoration Working Group (Working Group CO-11)
  • NPCC Operations Planning Working Group (Working Group CO-12)
Specific tasks are routinely conducted by the various Working Groups in assisting the TFCO in its efforts, including the following efforts:
  • Seasonal reviews of the overall reliability of the generation and transmission systems in NPCC are conducted and coordinated with parallel assessments conducted by the NPCC Task Force on Coordination of Planning and by NERC.  The operational preparedness of NPCC is reviewed for each season, and possible actions to mitigate any potential problems identified for each operating period are recommended.
  • The effectiveness of NPCC operations is constantly assessed through the active review of operations and disturbances and by providing any necessary follow-up, including the recommendation of remedial or mitigating actions, and the development of, or revisions to, appropriate directories and procedures.
  • The planned operation of new bulk power system facilities are reviewed to promote the reliable operation of the interconnected systems.
  • Control performance within NPCC is monitored and assessed, including Area Control Error (ACE), inadvertent interchange and frequency deviation.
  • Wide area and interregional restoration exercises are conducted periodically.
  • The restoration plans of the Reliability Coordinators of NPCC are annually reviewed.
  • Training seminars are held twice yearly, at which internal training methods are exchanged, the implementation of NPCC policies are discussed, significant disturbances are reviewed for lessons to be learned and “table-top” drills are conducted to simulate selected operational problems.
  • Evaluate and coordinate the application of new training techniques and aids as they become available to the industry.
  • Provide management support in the event of situations that are causing, or may cause, severe stress to the interconnected bulk power  system and marshal and coordinate available assistance within NPCC.
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