Public Awareness - Announcements

Strategic Review of the NPCC Regional Reliability CriteriaNew12/14/2018
IPSAC December 10 2018 Meeting Notice12/4/2018
2018 General Meeting11/7/2018
2nd CIP Better Practices Webinar10/30/2018
2019 Audit Schedule Posted10/18/2018
RFP for Contract Auditors 201910/11/2018
NPCC Members elects new Sector 6 Board Director6/12/2018
Summer 2018 Media Release5/15/2018
Summer 2018 Summary Report5/15/2018
Summer 2018 Media Advisory5/11/2018
Spring Workshop Announcement4/4/2018
IPSAC May 18 2018 Meeting Notice4/4/2018
Announcement - Catherine Varela Joins NPCC3/9/2018
Announcement - Michael Bilheimer Joins NPCC3/9/2018
NPCC Spring 2018 Compliance Workshop3/8/2018
Announcement - Michael Stuetzle Joins NPCC3/6/2018
NPCC Independent Director Announcement12/12/2017
IPSAC December 11 2017 Meeting Notice12/11/2017
2017 General Meeting11/22/2017
2018 Compliance Audit List11/17/2017
Jessica Hala Promoted11/14/2017
Final Fall 2017 Workshop Agenda11/6/2017
RFP for Independent Contract Internal Control Consultant9/27/2017
RFP for Contract Auditors 20189/21/2017
RFP for Translator 2018 8/31/2017
Announcement - Jenifer Vallace Joins NPCC7/10/2017
Updated 2017 Audit List and Schedule6/17/2017
Summer 2017 Summary Report5/4/2017
Summer 2017 Media Release5/4/2017
Summer 2017 Media Advisory5/2/2017
IPSAC May 19 2017 Meeting Notice3/27/2017
Preliminary Spring 2017 Workshop Agenda3/15/2017
Updated Compliance Monitoring List2/1/2017
NPCC Review of Document A-10 Classification of Bulk Power System Elements Comments Due February 7th, 20171/25/2017
Revised 2017 Compliance Monitoring List Posted12/16/2016
2017 NPCC Regional CMEP Implementation Plan posted12/8/2016
IPSAC December 9 2016 Meeting Notice10/28/2016
NPCC 2016 General Meeting Announcement & Agenda10/28/2016
Directory#11 Disturbance Monitoring Equipment Criteria ---Approved10/24/2016
NPCC Independent Contract Compliance Auditor RFP10/14/2016
Fall 2016 Compliance and Standards Workshop8/12/2016
MOD-025-2 FAQ6/14/2016
CIPV5 Mailbox Renamed5/17/2016
Summer 2016 Media Release4/28/2016
Summer 2016 Summary Report4/28/2016
Summer 2016 Media Advisory4/26/2016
Announcement: Webinar on Top 3 Violations on April 28, 20164/20/2016
Announcement - Jacqueline Jimenez Joins NPCC4/11/2016
2016 Compliance Monitoring List Updated 3/23/2016
BES Exception Request Time Period Extension3/23/2016
Announcement - Andreas Klaube Joins NPCC11/16/2015
NPCC 2015 General Meeting Announcement & Agenda11/10/2015
Final Fall 2015 Workshop Agenda is Available11/4/2015
2016 Draft Compliance Monitoring List Updated 10/28/2015
Retirement of PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Materials Posted For Pre-Ballot Review 10/16/2015
Retirement of PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Authorized by NPCC's Regional Standards Committee 10/15/2015
Fall 2015 Compliance Workshop Preliminary Agenda Posted10/7/2015
Solicitation for Drafting Team Members RSAR PRC-006-3--Automatic Underfrequency Load shedding - Variance for the Quebec Interconnection9/22/2015
SAR--PRC-006-3 Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding8/25/2015
PRC-002-NPCC-02 Drafting Team WebEx 8/24/2015
Solicitation Letter and Nomination Form for PRC-006-NPCC-02 Drafting Team Members8/13/2015
Regional RSAW for PRC-006-01 Now Available7/24/2015
PRC-002-NPCC-02 Drafting Team WebEx7/23/2015
NPCC Independent Contract Compliance Auditor RFP for 20167/15/2015
Announcement - Walter Cintron, Director of Compliance Enforcement7/6/2015
PRC-006-NPCC-2 RSAR Acceptance Announcement6/25/2015
NPCC Guided Self-Certification Program Documents Now Available5/4/2015
Summer 2015 Summary Report4/30/2015
Summer 2015 Media Release4/30/2015
Risk Based Registration Update4/28/2015
Summer 2015 Media Advisory4/28/2015
Directory#3 Maintenance Criteria for BPS Protection Retired Effective April 1st, 20154/1/2015
PRC-002-NPCC-02 RSAR Acceptance Announcement2/23/2015
Registration Now Open for CIPV5 Seminar2/9/2015
SAVE THE DATES - ​NPCC CIP Version 5 Transition Seminar for Entities With High or Medium impact BES Cyber Systems 2/3/2015
NPCC Spring 2015 Compliance and Standards Workshop1/21/2015
NPCC Announcement - Kristin Halper Promoted to General Counsel12/30/2014
IPSAC December 12 2014 Meeting Notice12/9/2014
NPCC Media Release 2014-2015 Winter Reliability Assessment12/3/2014
'NPCC Directory#3 Maintenance Criteria BPS Protection’ retired effective April 1st, 201511/20/2014
Final Fall 2014 Workshop Agenda11/13/2014
Regional Consistency Reporting Tool11/4/2014
Announcement - Francesco Elmi Joins NPCC10/21/2014
Preliminary 2015 Audit Schedule9/19/2014
Announcement June 25 Webinar: Effect of Revised BES on Compliance Obligations Within NPCC6/16/2014
Updated 2014 Compliance Schedule Posted6/16/2014
Regional Standard Processes Manual Announcement6/11/2014
Summer 2014 Summary Report5/1/2014
Summer 2014 Media Release5/1/2014
Announcement - Michael Lombardi, Manager of System Studies5/1/2014
Summer 2014 Media Advisory4/29/2014
Final NPCC 2014 Audit Schedule1/2/2014
2013 NPCC General Meeting Presentations Posted12/16/2013
NPCC 2013 General Meeting Announcement & Agenda11/26/2013
Final Fall 2013 NPCC Workshop Agenda11/5/2013
TFSP Response to a Request for Clarification for PRC-002-NPCC-01 R16 posted10/11/2013
2014 Audit Schedule Posted10/1/2013
Announcement - Rui Da Shu Joins NPCC10/1/2013
RFP for Independent Contract Auditors9/25/2013
Draft 2014 Audit Schedule Posted9/6/2013
Summary of Improvements to Grid Reliability Resulting from 2003 Blackout8/9/2013
Announcement - Andrey Oks Joins NPCC 8/1/2013
Announcement - Jason Wang Joins NPCC 6/18/2013
Compliance Guidance Statement CGS-005 is now posted6/5/2013
Summer 2013 Summary Report5/15/2013
Corrected Summer 2013 Media Release5/15/2013
NPCC Spring Compliance and Standards Workshop5/7/2013
Compliance Guidance Statement CGS-004 is now posted3/20/2013
RSAR for PRC-002-NPCC-01 Accepted by the RSC3/14/2013
Announcement - Michael Lombardi Joins NPCC3/1/2013
2013 Audit Schedule Re-posted2/14/2013
Summer Media Release 20125/10/2012
Summer 2012 Summary Report5/10/2012
2012 Summer Media Advisory5/8/2012
Directory#6 Reserve Sharing Groups Approved by the NPCC Full Member Committee4/9/2012
NERC/ERO Board of Trustees approves NPCC PRC -006-1 Automatic UFLS.2/10/2012
NPCC Full Member Committee Approves Phase 2 Versions of Directory#9 and Directory#1012/28/2011
NPCC BOD Approves Regional Standard PRC-006-NPCC-1 Automatic UFLS12/9/2011
Directories#9 and #10 Verification of Real and Reactive Power Posted for Full Member Ballot until December 29th, 2011. 12/9/2011
PRC-006-NPCC-1 Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding Ballot Results11/21/2011
NPCC Regional Standard PRC-006-NPCC-1 UFLS Posted for 10 Day Ballot11/7/2011
NPCC Cost Effectiveness Analysis procedure "CEAP" For NPCC Regional Reliability Standards Approved by the RSC, posted.11/4/2011
2011 NPCC Annual/General Meeting11/2/2011
2012 Compliance Reporting Schedule Posted11/1/2011
PRC -006-NPCC-1 Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding 30 Day Pre Ballot Review10/18/2011
Solicitation for NPCC BAL-002-NPCC-01 Regional Reserve Sharing Groups10/12/2011
Comment Forms Submitted--NERC Project 2010-17 Definition of BES, Technical Principles for Demonstrating BES Exceptions 10/11/2011
PRC-006-NPCC-1 Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding Pre-Ballot Review and Cost Effectiveness10/3/2011
A revised 2012 NPCC Compliance Audit Schedule has been posted for review and comment9/30/2011
Directory #9 and Directory#10 posted to the Open Process for Phase 2 reformatting revisions through October 259/13/2011
2012 Compliance Audit Schedule has been posted for review9/7/2011
Comments submitted for NERC CAN Process, CAN-0016 CIP-001 R1--9/6/119/7/2011
Announcement - Jessica Hala Joins NPCC9/7/2011
NPCC Draft Glossary of Terms Posted for Comment until Sept. 12, 2011.7/28/2011
NPCC Draft Directory Development and Revision Manual Posted for Comment until Sept. 12, 2011.7/28/2011
Meeting Materials and Preliminary Agenda posted for the 8-3/4-11 RSC Meeting7/28/2011
Announcement for 2011 NPCC Annual Meeting of Members and the General Meeting7/21/2011
Ballot for SPS definition started.7/19/2011
NPCC Career Opportunity-Engineer/Senior Engineer-Reliability Standards7/5/2011
RSC Executive Committee conference call to discuss CEAP July 8, 2011 at 09:00EDST6/29/2011
RSC Executive Tracking Summary (6-17-11) posted6/20/2011
RSC Executive Tracking Summary (6-10-11) posted6/14/2011
NPCC Welcomes Henry Tsay6/14/2011
RSC Executive Tracking Summary posted 5-27-115/31/2011
RSC May 18-19, 2011 Agenda and Meeting Materials posted5/16/2011
UFLS Regional Standard Posted (3rd posting) to the Open Process through June 20, 20115/8/2011
Summer 2011 Media Release5/3/2011
Summer 2011 Summary Report5/3/2011
Summer 2011 Media Advisory5/2/2011
Feb. 2-3, 2011 RSC Meeting Minutes posted.3/23/2011
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on March 21 and March 22 at NPCC offices.3/10/2011
RSC March 16-17, 2011 RSC Meeting Agenda, and Meeting Materials posted on the NPCC Website.3/9/2011
RSC Conference Call 2-18-11 at 10:00 a.m.2/17/2011
RSC Remands PRC-006-NPCC-01 Automatic UFLS back to Drafting Team.2/6/2011
Final RSC 11-30-10 Meeting Minutes posted.2/4/2011
NPCC Welcomes Vincent Zuccarelli2/1/2011
RSC Meeting Feb. 2-3 2011--Agenda and Materials posted on Website1/31/2011
Drafting Team Assigned for Regional Reliability Standard BAL-002-NPCC-01 Resgional Reserve Sharing1/19/2011
PRC-006-NPCC-01 Automatic UFLS Notification of Ballot1/18/2011
NPCC Welcomes Duong Q. Le12/20/2010
NPCC Webinar for Regional Standard PRC-006 Automatic UFLS Jan 4, 2011 @1000AM.12/17/2010
NPCC web site and CDAA down for upgrades on December 20 from 6 PM until 11 PM12/16/2010
Directory#12 and UFLS Implementation revisions posted to the Open Process12/7/2010
PRC-006-NPCC-1 Automatic UFLS Posted for 30 Day Pre Ballot Review.12/6/2010
Agendas for RSC 11-30-10, 12-2-10 Meeting Posted, and Meeting Materials11/24/2010
RSAR for NPCC Regional Reserve Sharing Standard to be presented to the RCC Nov. 30, 2010 meeting.11/15/2010
NERC Board of Trustees approved NPCC PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Regional Standard11/4/2010
Directory#8 System Restoration TFCO Revisions Approved11/3/2010
2010 NPCC General Meeting Agenda Announced11/2/2010
The ballot passed for the VSLs for Regional Standard PRC-002-NPCC-01.11/1/2010
The ballot for NPCC Regional Standards VSLs closes Oct. 31, 201010/28/2010
Directory#5 Reserve Approved by Full Members 10/15/2010.10/25/2010
Initiation of the NERC Event Analysis Program10/21/2010
NPCC Fall 2010 Compliance Workshop Final Agenda and Registration10/14/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on October 14th and 15th @ NPCC Offices.10/13/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Tuesday October 12th, 2010 0930-1230.10/7/2010
2010 Cyber Security Workshop presentations posted10/7/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Wednesday October 6th, 2010 0900-1200.10/4/2010
NPCC Regional Standard PRC-002-NPCC-01 VSL Table posted for 30-day pre-ballot review, and ballot10/1/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Friday October 1st, 2010 0900-1200.9/29/2010
NPCC Directory #8 System Restoration Posted for Full Member Approval of Battery Testing Revision.9/27/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Tuesday September 28, 2010 0900- 1200.9/24/2010
NPCC Directory #5 Reserve Posted For Ballot by Full Members.9/22/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Monday Sept.20, 2010 1000-1200.9/17/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Thursday Sept.16, 20109/14/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Wednesday Sept.8, 2010.9/3/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Wednesday September 1, 2010.8/30/2010
PRC-002-NPCC-01 VSLs Posted For Comment Until Sept. 23, 20108/24/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Tuesday August 24th 1300-1500 via WEBEX.8/23/2010
TFIST 2010 Cyber Security Workshop8/19/2010
NPCC Welcomes Ben Eng8/18/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Wednesday August 18th 0900-1100 via WEBEX.8/13/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Thursday August 12th 0900-1100 via WEBEX.8/6/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Friday August 6th 0900-1100 via WEBEX.8/5/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Friday July 23rd 0900-1100 via WEBEX7/20/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting Monday June 28th 1000-1200 via WEBEX.6/23/2010
NPCC Welcomes Harvey J. Reed as Chairman6/3/2010
UFLS Regional Standard posted (2nd posting) to the Open Process through July 9th, 2010.5/26/2010
NPCC Welcomes David Cerasoli5/11/2010
NPCC Welcomes Scott Nied5/11/2010
NPCC Welcomes Heidi Lewis5/10/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on Tuesday May 11th 0900 to 1030 via WEBEX.5/5/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on Monday May 3rd 1300 to 1600 via WEBEX5/3/2010
Directory 5 Reserve Posted for Comment by Full Members until June 13, 2010.4/29/2010
Summer 2010 Media Advisory4/28/2010
Summer 2010 Media Release4/28/2010
Summer 2010 Summary Report4/28/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on Tuesday April 27th 0900 to 1200 via WEBEX4/20/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on Thursday April 15th via WEBEX.4/13/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on Friday April 9th via WEBEX.4/8/2010
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on April 7th and April 9th 0900 to 1200 via WEBEX.4/6/2010
NPCC Ballot Rec.- NERC (Project 2009-23: Int. of CIP-004-2 for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)3/27/2010
Directory#12 and UFLS Implementation revised for Small Entities3/7/2010
UFLS Regional Std. Drafting Team meets at NPCC offices March 8th and 9th.3/7/2010
Spring 2010 Compliance Workshop Announcement3/4/2010
NPCC Chair Search2/8/2010
NPCC Directory#12 & UFLS Implementation posted for Full Member approval of Small Entity Revision2/8/2010
NPCC Welcomes Robert Spieker2/5/2010
Webex Feb. 1, 2010 for NERC Project 2006-02--TPL-001-1 Transmission Planning1/27/2010
New NPCC Staff1/7/2010
PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring approved by Member Ballot, Ballot Results, Comments Received1/7/2010
PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Ballot Period Close Extended to Jan. 6, 2010.12/27/2009
The 2009 NPCC Electric System Map is now available to NPCC Members under Documents.12/24/2009
PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Approval Ballot In Progress (12-17 thru 12-27)12/16/2009
PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Pre-Ballot Conference Call Materials12/15/2009
Directory#1 Design & Oper.of BPS and Directory#4 Sys.Prot. Crit. Approved by Full Members 12/01/0912/8/2009
PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Pre-Ballot Conference Call12/8/2009
Revised A10 Classification of BPS Elements and ImplementationPlan Approved by Full Members 12/01/0912/8/2009
PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Notification of Ballot12/2/2009
PRC-002-NPCC-01 Disturbance Monitoring Posted for 30 Day Pre-Ballot Review11/24/2009
NPCC network upgrade11/11/2009
RSC Conference Call--Comment Form NERC Project 2007-0710/23/2009
RSC Conference Call--10-23-09 Notes10/23/2009
NPCC DMSDT Meeting Oct. 27-28, 2009 at NPCC Headquarters10/20/2009
Fall 2009 Compliance Workshop Announcement10/16/2009
NPCC Directory#1 Reposted for Full Member Ballot (Errata Revision)10/5/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Next Meetings on Tuesday October 6th & Tuesday October 27th.10/2/2009
NPCC network upgrade9/24/2009
NPCC Dir#1/Dir#4 and Revised A10 and Implementation Plan Posted For Ballot By Full Members9/21/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on Tuesday Sept. 15th from 0900 to 1200.9/13/2009
DMSDT Conference Call Sept. 8, 2009 13:00 - 15:00 EDST9/4/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on Tuesday Sept. 8th from 1300 to 1600.9/4/2009
Draft NPCC BES Impact Assessment Posted9/4/2009
NPCC 2009 General Meeting Agenda Announced8/26/2009
Preliminary Draft NPCC Bulk Electric System Impact Assessment Report Posted7/22/2009
NPCC Full Members Approve TFSP Recommended Revisions to NPCC Directory #37/14/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Posted for Comment until Aug. 27th, 20097/14/2009
Directory#12 UFLS Approved by Full Members on June 26th, 20096/29/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Meeting on Thursday June 25th from 1000 to 1700.6/16/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Webex call Scheduled for Tuesday June 16th 0900 to 1200.6/15/2009
NPCC Dir #3 Maintenance Criteria for Bulk Power System Prot. Posted for Ballot to Full Members6/15/2009
NPCC Dir#2 Emer. Operations-Dir.#12 UFLS and Implementation Plans Posted For Ballot to Full Members6/11/2009
NPCC Regional Standard PRC-002-NPCC-01 Posted for Comments--due July 15, 20096/1/2009
Directory 1-Design and Operation of the BPS, re-posted for Open Process Review until July 11, 20095/28/2009
New Agreement to Ensure the Reliability of the Bulk Power System in Québec5/20/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Webex calls on Wed. May 27th and Fri. May 29th 0900 - Noon5/15/2009
NPCC DMSDT Conference Call--May 15, 20095/14/2009
NPCC 2009 Spring Compliance Workshop Final Agenda5/12/2009
Summer 2009 Media Release4/29/2009
Summer 2009 Summary Report4/29/2009
Summer 2009 Media Advisory4/28/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Webex call scheduled for Tuesday April 28th, 20094/22/2009
NPCC moving4/8/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Webex call rescheduled to Thursday April 16th, 0900-1200.4/6/2009
NBSO Joins with Regulatory Authorities to Enhance Grid Reliability4/3/2009
NPCC 2009 Spring Compliance Workshop Announcement3/24/2009
NPCC Directory Mapping Document Announcement3/19/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Webex call scheduled for Tuesday March 31, 20093/19/2009
Next UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Webex call scheduled Tuesday March 17, 2009 0900-12003/5/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Webex call scheduled for Tuesday March 3, 2009 0900-1200.2/26/2009
NERC Reliability Standards, Executive Tracking Summary Feb. 20092/18/2009
UFLS Regional Standard Drafting Team Conference Call on Friday Feb. 20 0830 to 1030.2/5/2009
Directory#1 Design & Operation of the BPS posted to the Open Process until 2/15 by TFCP.1/12/2009
Underfrequency Load Shedding Standard Drafting Team Inaugural Meeting Jan. 27, 2009.1/9/2009
Dir.9 Real Power & Dir.10 Reactive Power approved by Full Members on 12/22; A-13 & A-14 retired.12/23/2008
NPCC Dir#9 Real Power and Dir#10 Reactive Power Posted for Ballot to Full Members.12/2/2008
NPCC Solicitation for Additional Members for UFLS Program Regional Standard Drafting Team11/25/2008
NPCC Membership Approval Ballot of Revised NPCC A-6 Document, "Operating Reserve Criteria"11/25/2008
Disturbance Monitoring Regional Standard posted for 45 day comment period11/5/2008
Dir.2 Emer.Operations and Dir.8 System Rest.approved by the Full Members on Oct.21,2008.A-3 retired.10/22/2008
Fall 2008 Compliance Workshop Announcement and Registration Form10/7/2008
Revised Compliance Guidance Statement (NPCC-CGS-001-R)10/3/2008
NPCC Dir. #2 Emergency Operation and Dir.#8 System Restoration posted for ballot to Full Members9/30/2008
NPCC Regional Standard Drafting Team Forming for Dist. Monitoring, PRC-002-NPCC-019/17/2008
NERC Reliability Standards, Executive Tracking Summary7/14/2008
2008 NPCC General Meeting Agenda Announcement7/1/2008
TFIST Cyber Security Workshop Presentations5/23/2008
Compliance Workshop Material5/23/2008
NPCC Initiates the Development of Regional Standard, Classification of BPS Elements2/4/2008
NPCC Directory #7 Approved By Full Member Committee December 27, 2007, [A-11 Criteria, SPS, Retired]1/8/2008
Mandatory Electricity Industry Reliability Standards Effective June 18, 20076/19/2007
Announcement to Members - Chair4/23/2007
NPCC Compliance Workshop Announcement and Registration Form4/17/2007
Candidate Solicitation Letter to NPCC Inc NPCC CBRE Memberships - Consultant Chair Search2/10/2007
Announcement to Members - Interim NPCC Inc. Chair1/11/2007
NPCC Inc. Membership Application12/11/2006
NPCC CBRE Invitation to Join and Application10/2/2006
Eastern Interconnection Reliability Assessment Group Formed8/15/2006
NPCC Media Release 8-13-04 Blackout Anniversary8/13/2004
Inaugural Summer 2004 Pre-Seasonal Reliability Forum Hosted by NPCC6/1/2004
CJD US-Canadian Dec 5 Comments12/5/2003
CJD Testimony 9-03-03 with ltr9/3/2003
Power Outage 20038/15/2003