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This page allows you to apply for:

  1.   1) NPCC Membership,
  2.   2) an ID to the NPCC site if your organization is already a member, or
  3.   3) an ID for special media information

NPCC Membership is a combination of Organization and Sector. Click here for a list of recognized Organizations. Click here for a list of industry Sectors. Each Organization – Sector combination is unique. Each combination can have a Member Representative and an Alternate, these “representatives” vote for their Member organization and have one vote.

Staff of existing NPCC Member Organizations may request an ID that does not represent the Member for voting purposes. If this is you, please provide a contact so that NPCC can verify your request. Typically this is one of your Member Representatives or Alternates or someone from your Organization actively participating in one or more NPCC groups and is currently recognized by NPCC.

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