Regional Standard:
Criteria for Review and Approval of Documents
Comment Period (11/22/2016 - 1/6/2017)
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Comments: January 04, 2017; The Task Force on Coordination of Operation (TFCO) Comments on the proposed revisions to the A-01 Criteria for Review and Approval of Documents. The TFCO would like to thank the Task Force on Coordination of Planning (TFCP) for the opportunity to comment on the proposed revisions to the A-01 document which was posted to the NPCC Open Process from November 22nd, 2016 to January 6th, 2017. Comments from the TFCO: TFCO proposes adding language to the A-01 document that clarifies the process for how minor changes to an NPCC document should be handled. Specifically, when changes to phone numbers, names of contacts, reference links or other errata occur within the document the TFCO believes that such changes should not be subject to an Open Process posting. The TFCO suggests that the existing language contained within the Directory Development and Revision Manual on this topic can serve as a guide for language to be inserted into the A-01 document in order to provide the necessary clarification. “The maintenance of Links and the correction of errors found in a Directory or its Appendices shall be the responsibility of NPCC Standards staff. An error may be classified as Errata provided its correction does not change the scope or intent of the Directory and has no impact on the end user of the Directory. Errata and Link revisions are updated as needed and require only the Lead Task Force approval prior to publishing. NPCC staff will also maintain a record of the change on the Directory Revision History page within the document.”
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01/04/2017Dominion Resources Inc. 
Comments: Dominion appreciates the work performed in revising the A-01 document. Dominion has one minor suggestion: In box #21, change the capitalized 'Lead' to a lowercase 'lead'. This does not appear to be a defined term and is not the first word in a sentence.
Comments: Red line reviewed, OPG concurs with the proposed revision.