ࡱ> a [(bjbjڤڤ ?FCbCbD  BBBBBVVV8D4Vz::::ezgzgzgzgzgzgz$ }zB:::::zBB4z :jBBez :ez fj#sRk-vnDQzz0zodTd#s#sdBt:: :::::zznB:::z::::d::::::::: B :  June 28, 2019 IESO Comments on Draft Revised NPCC Reliability Reference Criteria A-10 Classification of Bulk Power System Elements The IESO respectfully submits its comments on the subject draft document which was posted on May 17, 2019 for public review and comments. The IESO offers the following general and specific comments for consideration by the Task Force on Coordination Planning and CP-11 Working Group: General Comments We support the revised version of the NPCC Document A-10 Classification of Bulk Power System Elements. Overall, the revised draft is an improvement over the current one as it provides greater clarify, is more concise, and is consistent with the recommendations of the Phase 2 Final Report. The IESO actively participated in the CP-11 Working Group and commends the group for the open and thoughtful discussion. All issues raised were considered and the group made every effort to reach consensus through deliberation of each issue. Specific Comments Section 2.2 In order to avoid having to revise this document again in the near-term, we propose that the term Special Protection Systems (SPS) be replaced and/or include the term Remedial Action Schemes (RAS), where applicable throughout the document. Section 3.1.2 It would beneficial if added guidance is provided on how major intra-Area interfaces should be defined (e.g. an interface is considered a major interface if the A-10 test outcome depends on the flow across the interface; an interface is also considered a major interface if the transfer limits for that interface are classified as IROLs). Section 3 The performance criteria allow cascading or instability to cross into neighbouring areas provided that it is contained within a well-defined region. The assessment of whether or not this criteria is met will depend on how the neighbouring system is dispatched in the simulation and will depend on the voltage/thermal/transient criteria used to assess the impacts on the neighbouring area. There is very little guidance in the revised A-10 on how the neighbouring systems should be modelled during these tests. The only guidance is contained in footnote 3 on page 7, which requires the neighbouring area to be consulted. This could lead to inconsistency and disagreement. We suggest adding additional guidance on how neighbouring systems should be modeled and assessed when completing the A-10 tests. Section 3.5, 1b) Step 2- Steady State Test One of goals of the new methodology was to make it consistent across NPCCs footprint. The sentence In cases where a power flow solution is not obtained, other techniques shall be used to assess the impact of the event on the power system is too broad and may fail to achieve that objective. Please provide guidance on what other techniques are acceptable. Section 4.1 The following statements are made in the revised A-10 document that specifies protection operating time design requirements: For single-terminal elements connected to bulk power system buses, two independent protection groups will provide high speed fault clearing for close-in faults at the bulk power system bus. For multi-terminal elements with bulk power system buses at all terminals, Directory 4 will apply to all terminals of the element. If one or more of the non-bulk power system terminals of a multiple-terminal bulk power system element are not designed to meet Directory 4 requirements, the protection system design at the bulk power system terminal(s) must ensure that the failure of any protection system component, with the exceptions of non-redundant components as specified in Directory 4, does not result in a violation of the performance requirements in section 3.3 of this document. To accomplish this objective, either one of two methods shall be followed The IESO understands that Section 5.5 of Directory #4 Operating Times, mentions that protection clearing times will be determined based on Directory #1 studies, and therefore, for BPS element excluded from Directory #1, CP11 determined it was necessary to provide the protection clearing times. However, we have three concerns with the way this is framed. First, the rationale for including these requirements is not clear. Second, the A-10 document should not contain requirements on how to design protection systems (A-10 should only focus on applicability). Third, the revised A-10 does not provide protection clearing times for multi-terminal elements with bulk power system buses at all buses that are excluded from Directory 1. To address these concerns the IESO suggests that we remove the abovementioned references to protection operating time design requirements from Section 4.1 and instead, include the following in Section 4.2: A BPS element cannot be excluded from Directory #1 applicability unless the protection systems associated with that excluded element have two independent protection groups that provide high speed fault clearing for close-in faults at the bulk power system bus or provide a clearing time no less than what was assumed in the Directory #1 exclusion test. The rationale for this exclusion condition is the reference in Section 5.5. of Directory#4 to Directory #1 for protection operating time. Without an assessment through Directory #1 for an excluded element, alternative protection operating time requirements are necessary. If the abovementioned protection operating time requirements cannot be met, the element may not be excluded from Directory #1 applicability. Section 4.2 The draft document requires that If an entity becomes aware of specific outage conditions in consultation with system operations that are beyond the testing above and could result in a violation of performance requirements in section 3.3., then additional testing of events as defined in Directory 1 Table 3, for the specific outage conditions should be evaluated. One could interpret this requirement to mean that as part of day to day outage management we must assess the elements that were excluded from Directory 1 to determine if Directory 1 should apply. However, our understanding is that this was not the intent. This is a requirement to consult with operations only at the time of testing to determine if there are outage conditions that should be considered. If our understanding is correct, and in order to eliminate any confusion, we are proposing to remove this statement and add a third bullet under the testing requirements to read as follows: Testing shall evaluate the loss of a critical facility with no system adjustments followed by a Category 1 event as defined in Directory 1 Table 1. The selection of the critical facilities and Category 1 events for this test are based on critical events related to the candidate element. A critical facility would include a transmission circuit, transformer, series or shunt compensating device, generator or single pole of a direct current facility. System conditions that are typically used for Directory 1 Table 1 contingency testing as a part of Area Transmission Reviews shall be utilized for this evaluation. In consultation with system operation, additional testing of events as defined in Directory 1 Table 3 shall be utilized for specific outage conditions that the operations are aware of and that could result in a violation of performance requirements in section 3.3. The action of the following SPSs are simulated: o SPSs that would be armed under the all-elements-in-service for the system conditions studied. o SPSs that would be automatically armed with the critical facility out of service. Section 5.1 Currently the NPCC Document C-43 provides the framework for the integration of new BPS facilities at the TFCO. Given the statement in the draft: Within three months of an element being identified as a bulk power system element to which Directory 1 applies, a plan for incorporating the element into Directory 1 analysis shall be provided to the NPCC TFCP and the TFCO for review and acceptance The IESO is seeking clarification as to whether the CP-11 Working Group intends to develop such a document. 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