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Event Analysis - 8 Lessons Learned posted 2021-06-03

Posted: 06/03/2021

Eight Lessons Learned and Regional Insights posted at this link

Seven are EMS/SCADA

  • LL20150604 - EMS Recovery Strategy
  • LL20150901 - Loss of EMS communication due to lack of database validation of RTU configurations.
  • LL20151001 - Appropriate UPS design and implementation. Review of temporary measures transitioning to permanent solutions.
  • LL20151202 - Lack of QOS (Quality of Service) on network devices providing priority traffic throughput.
  • LL20180802 - Firewall Failure After Time Limit Exceeded
  • LL20190801 - Loss of Monitoring or Control Capability due to Power Supply Failure
  • LL20190901 - Risks Posed by Firewall Firmware Vulnerabilities
  • LL20200403 - Loss of Automatic Generation Control During Routine Update

One Transmission

  • LL20151201 - SOL and IROL Monitoring Tool Leads to Unnecessary Manual Load Shedding


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