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Posted: 09/28/2022

Open Process Posting of NPCC DER/VER Guidance Document Appendix J

Distributed Energy Resources (DER)/Variable Energy Resources (VER) Considerations to Optimize and Enhance System Resilience and Reliability.

Appendix J: Impact of Transportation Electrification (Electric Vehicle Charging) and Building (Heat) Electrification.

Please find attached for your review and comment a redlined draft of the NPCC DER/VER Guidance document which has been revised to establish a new Appendix J: Impact of Transportation Electrification (Electric Vehicle Charging) and Building (Heat) Electrification.

The revised draft of the DER/VER Guidance document represents an enhancement to the document in accordance with the NPCC Strategic focus area to reliably integrate the resources brought forward by societal decarbonization and also reflects topics presented and reviewed at NPCC’s 2022 DER/VER Forums.

Comment Period:

Comments on Appendix J will be received for forty-five days through November 7th, 2022, and all comments should be sent directly to me at rshu@npcc.org.

The document (filename: Draft DER VER Guidance Document Appendix J 9-23-22.pdf) has been posted on the NPCC Website in the DER Forum section:

NPCC DER Forum Webpage

Note: Please limit comments to the draft Appendix J of the DER/VER Guidance document, since no other changes have been made to the previous version of the document.

Please contact me with any questions regarding the NPCC Open Process or the content of this document.


Ruida Shu
Manager, Reliability Standards

Northeast Power Coordinating Council, Inc.
1040 Avenue of the Americas - 10th Floor
New York, New York 10018
O: (917) 934-7976 • C: (917) 232-5140




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