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Registration and Certification


All Bulk Power System (BPS) owners, operators, and users are required to register with NERC and are subject to compliance with approved NERC Reliability Standards and NPCC Regional Reliability Standards. The process for registration is described in Section 500 and Appendix 5A of the NERC Rules of Procedure.

The NERC Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria, detailed in Appendix 5B of the NERC Rules of Procedure, describes the criteria employed by NERC, NPCC, and the other Regional Entities to determine the organizations to be registered as owners, operators, or users of the BPS and included on the NERC Compliance Registry (NCR).  Additional NERC Registration information is available on NERC’s Organization Registration and Organization Certification webpage.

A Registered Entity is obligated to notify NPCC upon adding/deleting/transferring equipment, the sale of assets (see the Generator Database Form), changes in ownership or similar matters so that NPCC may review the effect on the Registered Entity’s compliance obligations.

Please contact NPCC via email with all questions regarding registration.


A Certification is required for new Balancing Authorities (BAs), Reliability Coordinators (RCs) and/or Transmission Operators (TOPs) prior to acting in these capacities.

A Certification Review for previously certified entities may be triggered by the following:

  • Changes to registered entity footprint
  • Relocation of the Control Center
  • Modification of the Energy Management System (EMS) which is expected to materially affect either 1) the CIP security perimeters or 2) the System Operator’s situational awareness tools, functionality, or machine interfaces

Please contact NPCC via email with questions regarding certification or if your entity meets the criteria for a Certification or Certification Review.

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