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Entity Risk Assessment

NPCC’s Entity Risk Assessment efforts are comprised of key functions including:

  • Conducts Inherent Risk Assessments (IRA) on registered entities;
  • Conducts formal Evaluations of Internal Controls (EIC) on volunteering registered entities;
  • Develops Compliance Oversight Plans (COP) for registered entities; and
  • Reviews and analyzes Internal Compliance Program (ICP) questionnaires for registered entities.

Entity Risk Assessment Resources

  • The Annual ERO CMEP Implementation Plan is the annual operating plan used by the ERO Enterprise in performing CMEP responsibilities and duties. 
    Annual ERO CMEP Implementation Plan
  • The ERO Enterprise Guide for Compliance Monitoring describes processes within the Risk-Based Compliance Oversight Framework to identify, prioritize and address risks to the bulk power system (BPS). Risk Elements, Inherent Risk Assessments (IRA), Internal Controls Evaluations (ICE), CMEP Tools, and Compliance Oversight Plans (COP) are addressed. 
    ERO Enterprise Guide for Compliance Monitoring
  • The ERO Enterprise Guide for Internal Controls describes the approach CEAs use to assess the effectiveness of design and implementation of a registered entity’s internal controls to mitigate risks to reliability of the bulk power system (BPS) and supports the development of the entity’s Compliance Oversight Plan (COP). Guidance is provided for assessing internal controls during compliance monitoring activities. 
    ERO Enterprise Guide for Internal Controls
Compliance Oversight Plan (COP)

Compliance Oversight Plan (COP)

COP conveys a tailored compliance monitoring oversight strategy for each registered entity, based on entity specific factors such as compliance history and events, IRA, EIC and other performance factors.

Inherent Risk Assessments (IRA)

Inherent Risk Assessments (IRA)

The Inherent Risk Assessment (IRA) is a review of potential risks posed by an individual entity to the reliability of the bulk power system (BPS).

Evaluation of Internal Controls (EIC)

Evaluation of Internal Controls (EIC)

The evaluation of Internal Controls is to focus compliance oversight efforts by recognizing the internal controls as an entity that employs to mitigate risks for specific Reliability Standards and reliability, security & resilience to the BPS.

Internal Compliance Program (ICP)

Internal Compliance Program (ICP)

The Internal Compliance Program describes the entity’s organization, communication and implementation of Compliance obligations and culture. ERA evaluates the ERO ICP questionnaire and informs the audit and enforcement staff of strengths, weaknesses and recommendations.

Presentations, Forms, Examples

Presentations, Forms, Examples

This page provides NPCC Compliance Workshop and Webinar Presentations related to Risk Assessment, Controls, Operations and Planning, Cybersecurity, Forms, Better Practices and other Self-help information.

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