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Regional Standards

Pursuant to the execution and implementation of a Regional Delegation Agreement with the Electric Reliability Organization ("ERO") and applicable Canadian Memoranda of Understanding that are backstopped by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") and Canadian Provincial authorities, Northeast Power Coord​inating Council, Inc. (NPCC), has been delegated the authority by the ERO to create Regional Standards to enhance the reliability of the international, interconnected bulk power system in Northeastern North America. These Regional Standards will be more specific and/or more stringent than the ERO Reliability Standards. Regional Standards will be developed and revised according to a NERC ERO and FERC approved NPCC Regional Standard Processes Manual. In the development and enforcement of Regional Reliability Standards, NPCC, to the extent possible, facilitates attainment of fair, effective, efficient, and competitive electric markets while providing an open, transparent, fair and inclusive process that has no financial barriers to participation. Anyone can submit a Regional Standards Authorization Request to develop a new, or revise an existing Regional Standard.

These Standards will, in all cases, not be inconsistent with or less stringent than any requirements of the North American Electric Reliability Council/Electric Reliability Organization (NERC/ERO) Reliability Standards, which can be found here. Each regional reliability standard shall enable or support one or more of the NERC reliability principles, thereby ensuring that each standard serves a purpose in support of the reliability of the regional bulk power system. Each standard shall also be consistent with all of pertinent reliability principles and criteria, thereby ensuring that no standard undermines reliability through an unintended consequence.

All questions related to the NPCC Regional Standard Processes Manual, appeals process, and requests for interpretation of NPCC Regional Standards should be directed to the NPCC Regional Standards Process Manager (RSPM) email.


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